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What Parents Should Know Masterclass Replay

Join The Safe Parenting Place 4 Our Tweens, Teens, and Transformation

The S.P.P.O.T-
A Parent Coaching Bootcamp


  • 3 Day Intensive- During the 3 day intensive, parents are taught Na’sia’s Parenting Success Blueprint framework.  By the end of this transformative process, they walk away with a crystal-clear blueprint of what parenting success means for their children and household and how to achieve it. They will have the confidence and tools to navigate any parenting challenge that comes their way, ensuring a positive and thriving environment. Most of all they will enjoy a peaceful household, pleasant parenting relationship, and peace of mind knowing that they can confidently release an emotionally healthy, healed, and happy child into the world in just a few years.

  • The S.P.P.O.T School- The Safe Parenting Place 4 Our Tweens, Teens, and Transformation is an online portal that will house social and emotional resources that Nasia uses with her middle school students and mentees. Parents will have unlimited access to an abundance of resources to use with their children.

  • 1:1 Walkie Talkie Coaching Access: Parents receive six months of direct coaching with Na’sia, providing personalized support and guidance on all aspects of parenting and school-related matters concerning tweens and teens.

  • Pop-Up Classes for Children: Children will have the opportunity to join pop up classes on various social emotional topics such as: 

How to maintain healthy friendships

How to manage your emotions

How to have peaceful conversations

How to advocate for yourself and become more confident

The Power of Gratitude: Ways to become more grateful

  • Monthly Parenting Hot Topics and Hot Seats: Engaging discussions on pressing parenting issues, where parents can share experiences and learn from one another.

  • Parent-Child Mediation: Mediation sessions are provided to support parents and children with resolving issues through peaceful conversations.

  • Teen Insights via Newsletters: Monthly newsletters with input from tween and teen students, offering valuable insights into the challenges and needs of the younger generation.

  • Open Up™ Relationship Card Deck and Open Up™ Interactive Journal- Na’sia’s  trademarked relationship card deck and interactive journal, both inspired by her  middle school students and experiences as a boy-mom, created to bridge communication gaps between parents and their children.




Paid In Full Bonuses


Academic and Social Tutoring-  12 weeks of tutoring in the areas of Social and Emotional skills, Math, Reading, Writing, and Science 

Ancestral Spiritual Reading- Ancestral spiritual readings are a way for parents to explore their connections to their lineage and heritage. This wisdom and guidance will be offered by Na’sia’s personal spiritual medium.


01 Let's Talk Return on Investment?

You may be thinking:
I can't afford this 

The truth is you can't afford not too. What will happen if something doesn't change? You will

continue living in the spirit of survival mode with unnecessary fussing, fighting, and stress. Your child will not feel comfortable expressing their true feelings. Parenting will continue to feel like an uphill battle. The negative cycles will continue and thus the negative effects. Your child can't wait to leave the house and love you from a distance. I mean only you know how bad it is. Money is a resource, and using a resource to invest in yourself to save and improve the relationship with your child can't be a bad investment.


You may be thinking:
I don't have time.

Listen, we make time for what we feel is a

priority. These years are flying by. You only have

a few more years to get it right before your child is out in

the world. The time is now. The sooner you make becoming

a more effective parent a priority, the faster you will

experience peace of mind.


You can't turn back the hands of time with woulda, coulda,

shoulda. You don't want to parent with regrets. You don't

want to carry mom guilt wondering where did you go wrong or

knowing that you could've gotten professional support.

So just do it, NOW.


You may be thinking:
Is the program suitable for parents with children of all ages?

The earlier you can adopt the concept of parenting with Love and Logic, the easier parenting through the teen years will be. Having said that, my strategies, protocols, and tools are geared towards children ages 11 and up. While parents of younger children will greatly benefit, adaptations and modifications will be required on your end.


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