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Strategically Supporting Your Mission to Become Healthy Healed and Happy


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If you have ever taken a class taught by Ms. Smith, you know you’re gonna hear that.  Hit what? Your goals, your dreams, your level up! She is the woman who will inspire you and support you with getting over your B.S - belief systems :)


Na’sia Smith is a passionate learner and teacher who is committed to empowering herself and others to be a light in the world.  She believes that abundance is our birthright and has dedicated her life to supporting others in growing through life so they can thrive rather than survive.


Born to a 16 year old mom and a teenage dad who literally went missing, the odds were stacked against her. Not as in he walked out of her life, but as in, vanished to never be seen again by friends or family.  During a violent ordeal at the age of 7, this terrified, little girl closed her eyes and made a “plan” that ended up literally saving her life. 

She would later coin this strategic, futuristic ability, tapping into her inner GG-the God within.  She has a knack for helping others do the same.  With a comprehensive and holistic approach to life, Na'sia empowers parents to eliminate limiting beliefs, break destructive cycles, and implement nourishing habits that foster overall well-being.  She firmly believes in the transformative power of teaching and parenting with love and logic, understanding that a balanced approach can have a profound impact on a child's development.


Whether working with children, families, or teachers, all of her experiences are designed with the mission of greatly impacting the well-being of the participants and ultimately helping them progress and reach their abundant goals by strategically overcoming their limited B.S- belief systems :)





Signature Parent Coaching Program

Na’sia supports parents to become confident and effective in their parenting approach so that they can connect and grow alongside their children and raise emotionally healthy, healed, and happy children.


3H3 Education Consulting Firm 

Na’sia’s consulting team is comprised of highly qualified early childhood, elementary, secondary, and high school educators, as well as education leaders, with over 100 years of combined teaching experience, both domestically and internationally.


Healthy Healed and Happy Experiences 

Black Speed Dating Experience: This experience aims to give us an opportunity to begin a critical step of reimagining our families through repairing and strengthening our relationships.  Throughout this engaging and interactive event, participants embark on a journey of self-discovery, exploring both their areas of empowerment and areas of disempowerment in their relationships. Who knows, love may be in the air that night, and you will be in the perfect environment to shoot your perfect shot.


Family Bonding Experience: This unique experience is designed to foster meaningful connections between children and their parents. It aims to reimagine and strengthen family relationships through interactive and enlightening activities. This is a golden opportunity to foster authentic connections and open up channels of communication that may have been closed or underutilized. The love between a parent and child—will certainly be nurtured and celebrated. This is the perfect environment to strengthen your family bonds and create lasting memories.


“I just wanted to send you a note to say thank you. Virginia was pretty hesitant when we decided to leave Connecticut and move here last fall. We made the decision about 2 weeks before the start of the school, and she was devastated to be leaving the school she had been at since she was 3. I can't express how taken she was with your class and the role it played in her finding her voice here and really enjoying school. She also learned so much from you and your class, and was so glad to have you as her Homeroom as well. 

As the parent of a child who always has a book in her hand, I was initially really surprised that the school year started with listening to an audio book. However, the conversations it led us to have each week, and her insistence that I also listen to the audio book so we could talk about the specific examples she was curious about, was probably the greatest educational gift she or I could have had this year. What she was learning often dominated our dinner conversations in the best way. "

Priscilla Graham


Her educational journey began as a dedicated teacher's assistant while pursuing her studies at Rutger's University.  During this time, she discovered her innate passion for mentoring children, leading her to embark on a transformative Study Abroad program in Costa Rica, where she provided translation services for Spanish to English in grades K-12. This experience ignited her love for teaching, which she has embarked upon for the past 20 years, with 14 years dedicated to teaching preteens and teens in various inner-city districts before transitioning to a middle school classroom on a  serene island.


Throughout her career, Na'sia has continuously pursued personal and professional growth, including becoming a certified holistic life coach, yoga instructor, and Social Emotional Wellness facilitator.  She is also an author, having published a suite of Social Emotional products known as Open Up™, which are carefully designed to cultivate positive relationships between children and the trusted adults in their lives. Her publications include Open Up™, the relationship playing card deck, Open Up™, the Student Journal, and Open Up™, the project-based Social-Emotional Writing curriculum.


Beyond her work as an educator, consultant, and author, Na'sia serves as a mentor for middle school Black girls through her involvement with the Project Diva organization and her private practice as a self-love mentor. She is deeply committed to enacting change in the field of education, striving to reform its culture in a meaningful way that nurtures the growth of young individuals and prepares them to thrive in our rapidly changing world. It is this unwavering dedication that inspired the recent establishment of her 3H3 Education Consulting Firm, through which Na'sia continues to make a lasting impact and contribute to the transformation of education by offering workshops, professional and personal development, coaching, and educational products to parents, teachers, and school districts. 


Open Up: The Right Writing Project Based SEL Curriculum

Open Up: REALationship Desk


Open Up: Journal for Teens

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