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Super Money Kids


The Super Money brand began as the dream of new parents for
their daughter and quickly became an enterprise of hope for
youth across the country.

Super Money Kids was created by the Hale family (dad, Courtney;
mom, Tia and daughter, Ever.) Super Money Kids was inspired by
the idea of creating financial literacy resources that would
empower their daughter to live a lifestyle better than her parents.
These early lessons lead to the development of digital financial
education lessons which are now offered to schools, youth
organizations and universities across the country.

The mission of the Super Money brand is to create a generation of
financially knowledgeable, responsible and empowered youth.
Students who have participated in the Super Money programs
say they are more conscious about how they spend their money;
they are better equipped for major life transitions and they feel
less likely to fall victim to the financial mistakes of adults before

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