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We offer a wide host of workshops ranging from writing to restorative justice. In these workshops, our trained facilitators engage with staff, parents and students to cultivate new skills.


The Right Write Workshop Training

A training created to effectively and authentically teach writing to help students become self-aware, effective managers of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. This helps them to become socially aware, effective decision-makers, and relationship builders. This workshop also aims to help instructors teach writing in a culturally responsible way that will help students use their voices to effect change.


Financial Literacy Workshop Training

What is really being taught in math class?


Many people are getting left behind due to financial illiteracy. It is time for education to step up and educate students on what will matter in their future- the foundations of money and money management. Our consultants will train staff on how to authentically integrate financial literacy in both Math and English classes.

We also offer specialized training through our affiliate financial learning management system and curriculum which focuses on the following key areas: ​

Financial Decision making

Financial Technology

Financial Fraud and Fraud Prevention

Behavioral Finance 

Financial Systems 


Balanced Literacy
Workshop Training

Our customized workshops are based on school data. We will consult with school leadership, observe classrooms, and analyze data to ensure a meaningful and relevant experience. Our workshops are designed to synchronize the science of reading with balanced literacy approaches.

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